Microsoft Windows 10 – Salient Features, Security, System Requirement

Windows 10 has been released and is available for many countries. But, here are all the aspects that a potential user must know about what can be Microsoft’s best operating system.

This includes when and where the operating system will be available? How can you get Windows 10? And get to know to its salient feature. For whom the Windows 10 update is to be available? How to update your OS to Windows 10 if you haven’t done so.

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Windows 10 Operating System Price/Cost: –

This aspect has surprised everyone because the present user of Windows 8.1/8/7 will be able to upgrade to windows 10 absolutely free. This offer is valid for one year after its release. Eligible users can already register for the upgrade straight from their desktop. On release, they can be able to download immediately or can schedule their installation for later.

However, Microsoft’s director Jim Alkove has made it clear that the free upgrade is not available for Windows 8/8.1/7 Enterprise.
For others, the specific prices of home version will cost $119 per license while professional version will cost $199 per license.

Windows Version 10 System Requirements: –

We can expect the latest operating system to be compatible with a wide range of devices. The system will work fine on the machines which are currently running on windows 8/8.1/7.

Microsoft Windows 10 System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 10 System Requirements

The Minimum System Requirements: –

1)  GHz processor.

2) At least 1 GB RAM for 32 bit and 2 GB RAM for 64-bit machines.

3) 16 GB of hard drive space for 32 bit and 20 GB hard drive space for 64-bit devices.

4) This means that almost any machine made in the past few years should handle Windows 10 just fine.

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Why One Should Install Microsoft Windows 10? – Key Features: –

Microsoft Windows 10 Key features
Microsoft Windows 10 Key features

The Start menu is back. Windows 10 will adapt its interface according to the type of device on which it’s being used.

On a PC, then, it will look a lot more like Windows 7, with an expanding Start menu, while on tablets it will use a more Windows 8-style, touchscreen-optimized tile layout.

The new OS also introduces Microsoft Edge, a very important replacement for Internet Explorer browser. IE will remain part of Windows 10 for compatibility purposes, but Edge will become the main browser, bringing new features. The features include password and form-fill support, drag-and-drop tags, the ability to import bookmarks from other browsers.

With also the feature of integrating, Microsoft’s One Drive cloud storage service.
Many experts do believe it will be one of the finest browsers till date. It will be important to see how Edge will compete with Chrome and Firefox, which is already been established to a great extent.

Cortana — Microsoft’s new virtual assistant will be introduced. It will work on the simple voice recognition system and will be a part of Edge and Microsoft office 365. Cortana will add to another dimension and will make things desirably easy.

Windows 10 Security: –

Windows Windows 10 Security
Windows Windows 10 Security

Tools have been added in the OS keep it as secure as possible. One such tool is multi-factor authentication which supports fingerprint readers, iris scanners and biometric tools.

Windows Hello manages the user biometric profiles, allowing them to sign in without a password. These characteristics will provide their device to appropriate scanning/reading hardware.

Windows Hello manages the user biometric profiles, allowing them to sign in without a password. These characteristics will provide their device to appropriate scanning/reading hardware.

Another new tool — Device Guard, aims to prevent users accidentally installing malware by adding a more strict check of an app’s legitimacy. When a user executes an app, Windows 10 will check to see whether it’s been ‘signed’ by the Windows app store or by certain pre-approved software vendors and will warn the user if not.

Device Guard also operates virtually, so it can – in theory – stay safe from tampering even if the Windows kernel is compromised

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