Why most of Top IIT – JEE Rankers at IIT-Bombay & IIT Delhi

Why most of Top IIT - JEE Rankers at IIT-Bombay & IIT Delhi

Why most of Top IIT – JEE Rankers at IIT-Bombay & IIT Delhi
Why most of Top IIT – JEE Rankers at IIT-Bombay & IIT Delhi

Why most of Top IIT – JEE Rankers at IIT-Bombay 

It doesn’t matter which IIT stream you take. Once you in IIT your future is bright. This is the common saying among the people in India.

But the truth is quite surprising. The top rankers of JEE-Advance are changing their prior streams according to the Institute. This Sound funny, but it is true. While the top rankers looking to opt for the institute like IIT-B, IIT-D.

While old institute like IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Madras failed to attract much of student.  IIT’s colleges like

1) IIT-Kharagpur.
2) IIT-Roorkee
3) IIT-Guwahati

have not even managed to get the decent amount of student.

When 2015 JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) result came out. The admission process started within a week. Surprisingly again the top 60 of the IITians chooses IIT-Bombay over any other IIT’s in India.

Another interesting fact is, these top rankers is choosing the field of Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) and Electrical Engineering (EE). This two field are the top priority among the IITians, but most of them choose to settle at IIT-B.

The top 28 rankers of IIT-Madras zone also opted for IIT-B upon IIT-Madras. While only 3 among them result to settle at IIT-Madras.

This is not the first time students opting for IIT-B. You will be surprised to see the stats of previous 4 years of college preference.

Why most of Top IIT – JEE Rankers at IIT-Bombay

Institute IIT-Bombay IIT-Delhi IIT-Madras IIT-Kanpur
2015 65 30 3 2
2014 58 36 4 2
2013 67 29 4 0
2012 77 19 1 3

Choice of top 100 rankers of JEE-Advance

Institute IIT-Bombay IIT-Delhi IIT-Madras IIT-Kanpur
Top 500 177 119 52 75
Top 1000 273 194 103 172

Choice of Top 500 & Top 100 rankers of JEE-Advance

This year cut-off for the top fields like Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) for IIT-Bombay were 1-59. And most of them chosen for it. While for IIT-Delhi cut-off started from 31 and closed for 102.

The rank for this streams at IIT-Kanpur started at 26, and for IIT-Madras 61. Besides, Electrical Engineering (EE) rank for IIT-Bombay started at 9 and closed at 240.

This clearly states the top choice of Institutes by the top ranker of JEE-Advance is Mumbai and Delhi.

What is the reason behind choosing IIT-Bombay?

One may think of why the top young scholar of the country chooses IIT-B & IIT-D over the old Institute.

We cannot say these Institutes doesn’t provide the best academics and campus life. Neither these institutes failed to give the best placement around the World. Then what is the reason that such old institutes are failing to attract the best students?

The reason is not inside the campus, the actual reason is outside it. Both top 2 Institutes are based in the top metropolitan city i.e. Mumbai and Delhi.

Talking about IIT-Bombay, the area resides in the posh area of Powai. Student experience best of city life. Mumbai has also been a best cosmopolitan city of India. This attracts best of the companies around the World.

Also, the tech-fest conducted at IIT-Bombay is famous and attracts the majority of people around. This gives a great boost for the students to come with better ideas. The same goes with the IIT-Delhi.


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