What Is Computer, Introduction & What makes Computer So Special
What Is Computer, Introduction & What makes Computer So Special


In this article, we are going to learn about what really do you mean by computer and what makes them special.

As we all know nowadays computers have become the daily need for humans. We use computer

  • For Transaction.

  • Programming language.

  • Editing

  • Designing.

So let’s start our article by knowing about the Computer. So, here is the full description of the article given below.

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Introduction Of Computer:-

A computer is the most exciting electronic device we use in our day to day life. The computer is the device which is used to ease human effort. The first mechanical computer or automatic computer was introduced in 1822. From this date, the revolution of computer started.

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What Is Computer:-

A computer is an electronic as well as a digital device which we use to do a specific task as we pass an instruction to it. Nowadays the computer has become an integral part of our life.

The computer is used in many fields such as

  • Architects use a computer for creating blueprints.

  • Music directors use a computer for mixing and tuning the music.

  • Computers are used for office purpose such as tally.

  • Excel sheet including many uses of computers.

  • We also used in schools and colleges.


If I talk about a regular basis, the computer is used for

  • Chatting with friends.

  • Share documents.

  • Online booking.

  • Online shopping.

  • Watch movies.

  • Listening to songs.

Because of a computer, each and, every field has sped up the work rate with great progress.


What Makes Computer So Special: -

No, doubt computer is the most advanced electronic machine in today’s world. After receiving the input, data computer gives output data as per given instruction.

Apart, from the computer, there is also another electronic device which receives input data and gives output data as per given instruction. But here are the following features which make a computer out of the box.


The feature is given below.


1) Speed:-

Computer process long and complex instruction within a fraction of a second. The speed of the computer is something that makes a favorite for our civilization.


2) Storage And Reliability:-

The computer can store huge amount of data and enables you to process data whenever required. Let’s take an example of facebook and google this website handle a huge amount of data. Facebook almost handles 300 PB(petabytes) and still process data with high performance.


3) Accuracy:-

Of Course, We all know and practically experience how the computer is correct. In the case of calculation, we use the computer that gives us a correct answer within seconds. The other example like

  • Tally.

  • Programming Code.

  • Excel. (Here I have provided you Beta version of Excel )

  • Editing.


4) Consistency:-

Consider, the same input and instruction passed to the computer. The computer will produce the same result consistently. Until input and instruction provided are different.


5) Versatility:-

As I have mentioned above computer are used to complete the various task. It is used in

  • Creating presentation.

  • Chat with friends.

  • For communication.

  • For Office Work,

  • Forecast Whether,

  • For students education purpose etc.

The computer is the truly versatile machine which is used to complete almost every work and quickly.


6) Intelligence:-

Well, if talk about the computer it is for sure the most intelligent machine. There are also lots of projects related to artificial intelligence (AI) which truly make it more powerful.

The functions and working of the computer in the huge field of developing software are something which makes the computer more reliable and upgradable.

7) Portable:-

Nowadays the usage of the laptop had the height which handles and increases in the portability of computer. We can carry a laptop anywhere we want.

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Opportunity To Earn Money Through Computer:-

The best part of the computer in the modern world is earning money. There is the huge job opening for people around. This has happened only because of computers. A student in any field has to a computer. Well, it is compulsory for everyone.


1) If you talk about typing:-

The field called DTP is all dedicated to typing. You can work as an employee or you can work from home. Yes, my mom, herself work at home through DTP.


2) You Can Write Your Own Blog And Earn Money Through Internet Marketing, SEO, And SMO:-

Yes, you can. The most important thing about blogging and Owning your media publishing website is your English should be good. People read your article. And if they find lots of grammatical mistakes they will neglect your article. We can also call Internet marketing as Search Engine Marketing(SEM),

And to earning money, you have to bring as much article as possible in front of people. This can only happen through Internet Marketing (SEM), SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SMO(Social Media Optimization).

The specialty of blogging, SEM, SEO, and SMO is. you can work sitting and home and earn.

Warning: – It is not that easy, as it looks. Starting phase you may earn very less money. But after using proper strategy and efforts you surely going to have exponential growth of earning.


1) Tally & Excel:-

It is okay to learn one out of this two article. Tally and Excel are both an amazing tool for calculation and storing Data. You must be thinking this will be easy to learn. Yes, It may be easy to learn. But you also have to grab the skills to operate Tally and Excel.


And trust me, there are huge job opportunities available for people. The huge organization needs people who are skillful in Tally and Excel. You can have many opportunities to earn a good salary.


2) Database Administration:-

There are lots of Organisation with lots of employees, clients, customer or users. You must have something to their store data. And it is nothing but Database. Database plays a huge role in today’s world. And it will surely carry till the future.

Huge data comes in Database. You want someone who can handle it. He is nothing but Database Administration.


3) Programmer:-

He is one who writes programming Language. Mos of programmer also calls programming language as coding. It is one of the huge fields in an organization. Almost every organization needs programmer and developer to build a software for the organization. This creates huge opportunities for the programmers. Plus you can also work at home and earn money.

But a life of a programmer is not that easy. But once you grab that expertise your surely going love programming.


4) Developer:-

You must be thinking programmer and developer are one and the same. But the answer is ‘no’. Yeah, the work they do is somewhat same. The developer is one who is engaged with programming, Architecture, Designing etc. But programmer is one who engaged with a programming language. Developing an application using code. Earning of Developer is immense. It depends on the organization but yet more than many other employees. Even more than a programmer.

One more thing I would like to add. You can think of startup. In this tech work, people are in need of technology which can ease their lifestyle.


5) Network Security:-

This thing is something that must be the master. With lots of good things happening in the world. There could be something that can come as an obstacle. And one of that obstacle is Hackers. To protect from data from a hacker, there is a need for Network Security.


6) Hacking:-

Surprise! It is not necessary that hacking is a bad thing happening. It can be a good thing. But it depends on how you think and which path you choose. As we are talking about earning once you become an elite hacker, for example, a Black Hat Hacker. You are surely going to earn tons of money. Hackers always earn in their own way. one good example is hacker always tracker coding of huge organization Website like Facebook, Twitter. In this world, even a huge website like google is not perfect. You can find lots of bugs in it. The work of hacker is to find out bugs. Inform CEO about bug and demand for money.