Saina Nehwal Biography, Profile, Achievements, Videos, Life History, Information, Wiki
Saina Nehwal Biography, Profile, Achievements, Videos, Life History, Information, Wiki

Saina Nehwal Biography, Profile, Achievements, Videos, Life History, Information, Wiki

From being the “Jat Chori” to the badminton champion, this extraordinary sportswoman has stunned the whole World with her pure dominance. But, what’s inside story of Saina Nehwal? Let us start the journey from her childhood to the World champion. See, what all things she had gone through before becoming the world's no. 1 in World Badminton Federation.

Saina Nehwal Profile & Information: –

Country: – India.

Date Of Birth: – 17th March 1990.

Current World Ranking: – 10th.

Height: – 1.67m (5 ft – 6 in).

Weight: – 67Kg. Title: – 23 Preferred Hand: – Right Hand.


Saina Nehwal ’s Childhood And Early Life: –

Saina Nehwal from Haryana is born in Jat family. There’s an interesting thing about these Jat’s, they are known for their dedicated farming, hard working ability, and dedication to their own work. No wonder, how Saina Nehwal gets all her dedication and hardworking attitude from? Saina is the second daughter of Harvir Singh Nehwal (Her father) and Usha Nehwal born in Hisar, Haryana in India.

Later, her family shifted to Hyderabad. Saina Nehwal studied from Bharatiya Vidyashram School, Hyderabad. During her early day of school, she has achieved a brown belt in karate. Later, she quit karate at the age of 8 and started playing badminton. Karate helps her to acquire disciplinarily attitude.

The interest in badminton arrived because of her parents. As her parents were badminton players too. Saina’s father was University badminton winner, and mother was a state badminton champion. This laid the perfect foundation for her badminton success. From childhood, she has always trained hard. Saina’s parents played an important role in evolving her into a professional Badminton Player. She started her training under the guidance of S.M. Arif who is a Dronacharya Awardee. On the other way, her parents were also guiding her to shape her badminton skills.

Like every father, even Saina’s father always wanted her to be successful in her life. He always encourages her and helped her to create a winning attitude. Saina’s father was a great believer of consistency. He taught her the value of discipline. This helps her to increase her moral value. Saina Nehwal was a hardworking girl.

She used to travel to 50kms for badminton training. Such dedication toward her sport paved the path to becoming the World champion. Her hard work flourishes when Saina Nehwal became the first Indian woman by winning the under-19 prestigious Asian Satellite Badminton Tournament twice. In the same year, she became the first Indian and youngest Asian player to win a 4-star Badminton tournament.

Career In Badminton: –

Saina Nehwal trained at Pullela Gopichand Academy. Although she had fought many battles. She also lost some of the battles too. But this does not stop her from achieving her goals. She never gave up, She keeps on trying, practicing and trying to be the best day-after-day. Saina Nehwal began her badminton career in 2003 and went on to win the tournaments from 2004.

Her father used to take her to Lal Bahadur Stadium in Hyderabad itself, where she was coached by Nani Prasad. She proved herself under the name of 19 National Badminton Championship in 2006. And, in 2012 London Olympics, She became the First Indian Woman ever to win a medal in Badminton.

She is mentally focused towards her career and no one can deny it. Her love for badminton and her strong willpower has brought her at the first rank in the World Badminton Federation. Saina also became one of the most talented female personality in Indian history.

Once in her training, she said to the reporter, “My performance is showing some progress, that is because I’m getting good training. I’m trying to maintain my performance by giving 100% from my side as a player. Maybe, because of that, today I’m in this position.”


Saina Nehwal ’s Awards & Achievements: –

In 2003 – made her international debut at the Indian satellite tournament.

In 2006 – she won under-19  National Badminton Champion.

In 2008 – declared first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships.

In 2008 – Most Promising Player of the Year (2008) award by Badminton World Federation.

In 2009 – the first Indian to win Indonesia open a BWF super series.

In 2009 – Arjuna Award.

In 2010 – the first Indian to win a Bronze Medal in mega event and placed in the higher position.

In 2010 – Padma Shri 

In 2010 –Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna 

In 2012 – First Indian to win the medal in badminton in London Olympics.

In 2014 – won Women’s Singles of India Open Grand Prix Gold Tournament.

In 2016 – Padma Bhushan  

Qualities of Saina Nehwal that make her the World's Best: -

1. Not giving up attitude: –

Saina perfectly showed her never give up attitude when she fought against Takashi in the quarter-final at the World Badminton Championship, 2014. After Takashi display of 14-5, Saina came back stronger to win the first set by 21-18. And, to win the quarter-final of the championship. Her “Not-Giving-Up” attitude inspires us and teaches us lots of things. As Saina explains, never give up attitude is the only recipe for overcoming the biggest fears of life.

2. Determination: –

The determination is the key toward success. Making a place in the top 5 of the World Badminton Championship requires hard work. But, more important is making a place, which is been dominated by the Chinese for a year requires pure determination towards the sport. This is where Saina Nehwal makes the difference.

3. Discipline: –

Discipline prevents you from deflecting from your goals. Traveling for 50 kilometers each day to practice the sport, neglecting all frustration, failures and enjoying small wins is the mark of the truly disciplined person.

4. Patience: –

What if I had to tell you, even Saina feels it hard to be patient. As per her coach, Saina is skillful but do not have patience. How to win a losing match? How to get through difficult situations? Requires patience. But she acquires patience and many times she won a losing match and created history.

5. Skills: –

Skills are what makes you stand different from others. This quality is your trusted partner, which make a lot of difference. You can only improvise your skills when your basic is perfect.

Conclusion: –

Every sports person you see attaining remarkable success in their life, have gone through a lot of difficulties. And, their journey paid for hard work is because of their selfless behavior. Saina Nehwal would be much happier lifting a World Badminton trophy for its country rather than signing a ₹400 million contract with Yonex and becoming the World most paid badminton player. It’s her passion, hard work, discipline has brought up to such a grand stage.

It all depends on you, who you want to be! Saina Nehwal’s love for the badminton sports, the encouragement of her parents and discipline increased her motivation day and day. She used to put her first mistakes and weaknesses in front of her so that she will not miss at least one day for wasting time and worked hard towards it. I think we all should also develop this habit and it will increase our mental focus towards our dreams.

I also want to add that Saina Nehwal has shown me that we will become what we want to be and for that, we have to develop a habit of “Winning Attitude”, “Discipline“,”Passion” I admire her in every way for what she is and what she has become. Her positive attitude on herself has also developed a positivity in loving myself more and my motivation towards my dreams.