What is a Goal Setting And Objective, Definition, Meaning, Example (My Goals)
What is a Goal Setting And Objective, Definition, Meaning, Example (My Goals)

What Is Goal Setting And Objective, Definition, Meaning, Example (My Goals)

Goals when some people hear this word they either believe or they don't believe in goals or setting goals. People who don't people who never achieved any goals and they don't believe in any goal setting. But, do you know? knowing or unknowing we set goals and with complete determination, we want to achieve it. These goals might be desire or purpose.

There are lots of successful people who set goals. Step by step they complete each goal and reached that height they always wanted to. These successful people are not successful because they are rich, famous or they have the superhuman ability. They are successful because they achieved each goal.

But what are these Goals? How people set their goals? And how they achieve it? These are some of the questions which I came across. After I got this answer I felt I should share with you all. Let us understand the concept of Goals and Goals Setting.


What is a Goal? 

Here I am not talking about the goal in sports like football, rugby, hockey, and some other games. I am talking about goals which cannot be seen but achieved, which cannot be touched but can feel it. "Goal" is something which we want to achieve. The goal is an observable and measurable achievement. To reach that desire achievement you first achieve small steps which are known to be the objective or short-term goal.


Definition And Meaning Of Goals: 

1. countable noun In games such as football, netball or hockey, the goal is the space into which the players try to get the ball in order to score a point for their team. 2. countable noun the goal is something that you desire to achieve, especially when much time and effort will be needed. Above is something you can differentiate two different meaning of goals.


What is a Goal Setting?

A goal without plan or time limit is just a dream. Setting a goal further adds setting a plan and time limit to your goals. For effective Goal Setting, just decide what to do is not enough. It is important to work on your goals and try to accomplish it. Working on your goals is not enough you have to build a direction and work according. This building a direction is nothing but planning.


What is Objective?

Many times most of the people desire to achieve what they want but it either took lots of time or they never ever achieved it. Why such thing happens? it is because of two reason

  1. Goals are not realistic.
  2. They are not forming short-term and directly working on long-term goals.

(We will surely learn about what is short-term goals and what is long-term goals) It is important to form realistic goals. The setup of realistic goals starts from short-term goals. Short term goal is small stepping stones to achieve long-term goals or final goals. This small stepping stones or short-term goals are called as Objective.


Definition And Meaning Of Objective:

1) countable noun [usually with poss] Your objective is what you are trying to achieve. Example: Our main objective was the recovery of the child safe and well. His objective was to play golf and win.

2) adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] Objective information is based on facts. Example: He had no objective evidence that anything extraordinary was happening.


Example Of Goal Setting And Objective: -

The Example between Goals and objective is different. Many time people consider objective and goals as same meaning word. Let us understand in more better way the meaning of Goal Setting and Objective.

Example Of Goals And Goal Setting: -

1) I want to achieve success in the field of genetic research and do what no one has ever done. 2) I want to be the CEO and founder of my organization. 3) I want to be the greatest athlete world have ever witness.

Example Of Objectives: -

1) I want to complete this thesis on genetic research by the end of this month. 2) We have achieved this target by the end of this month. 3) I have to beat my previous time and progress my achieve.