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Learn Online jQuery Tutorials & Course
Learn Online jQuery Tutorials & Course

Learn Online jQuery Tutorials & Course

The Web-page development is still on demand field for the programmer. And the demands for web-development has got higher in today’s world, with an increase in the importance of functionality, the importance of design has also raised.

People want a beautiful, attractive and well-form structured website. To achieve this requirement we came across a scripting language called Javascript. It is a browser-oriented programming language which will help the website to be more interactive and user-friendly.

After some remarkable work with the help of javascript, John Resig in 2006 created the Javascript library called jQuery. It is a fast, small and feature-rich JavaScript library included in a single .js file. It takes lots of time from achieving the same functionality with Javascript. And jQuery helps to reduce the time for development. It provides same output like Javascript but in a much quicker way.

This jQuery tutorial series covers all the features of the jQuery, including its selector mechanism, event handling system, jQuery effects methods to create interactive user interface features like showing and hiding elements, animating the elements on a web page, etc.

Later you will see some other interesting features of the jQuery such as chaining multiple methods, as well as how to perform common DOM manipulation task such as get or set contents and values of an HTML element on a web page, add or remove elements or their attributes, get and set CSS properties of an element, get or set width and height of the element, and so on.

Finally, you will explore one of the most powerful and advanced features of jQuery that is traversing the DOM tree to get the child, parent and sibling elements, as well as features like filtering element's selection, implementing Ajax to retrieve the information from a server and update the page content without refreshing it, and how to avoid conflicts between jQuery and other JavaScript library.


Prerequisite: -

Before proceeding to further tutorial of jQuery it is important that one should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Document Object Model (DOM) and any text editor. It is also important to understand the internet and how the web-based application works.

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