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Introduction To Javascript

Introduction To Javascript

JavaScript was introduced in 1995 as a way to add programs to web pages in the Netscape Navigator browser.  The language has since been adopted by all other major graphical web browsers. JavaScript was first known as LiveScript. But later by looking at the popularity of Java Programming Language Netscape changed its name to JavaScript. Whereas there nothing related to Java it was just for marketing purpose.

In 1996, Javascript then adopted ECMAScript standard, after the Ecma International organization that did the standardization. In practice, the terms ECMAScript and JavaScript can be used interchangeably—they are two names for the same language. 

In the world of web JavaScript, HTML, and CSS have become so important that many operating systems have adopted the open web standards as the presentation layer for native apps, including Windows 8, Firefox OS, Gnome, and Google’s Chrome OS.

Additionally, the iPhone and Android mobile devices support web views that allow them to incorporate JavaScript and HTML5 functionality into native applications.

Nowadays, Technology has involved in such a way that javascript has also involved in projects like Arduino, Tessel, Espruino, and NodeBots. There will be a time when javascript will be a future for Embedded System and Robotics.

There are no complex development environments to download and install, and no complex IDE to learn. JavaScript is easy to learn, too. You just have to create an editor write JavaScript program, execute and get the program output from the browser. If you know C, C++ or Java it will be easier for them to explore Javascript.

Earlier Javascript was mainly used for effective UI in the browser. Previously, if you wanted to insert data, you had to submit a form to a web server and wait for a page refresh. But today you can also use Ajax technology started by Microsoft in Internet Explorer. Soon after, other browsers added support for the XMLHttpRequest object.

Web browsers are not the only platforms on which JavaScript is used. Some databases, such as MongoDB and CouchDB, use JavaScript as their scripting and query language. Several platforms for desktop and server programming, most notably the Node.js project (the subject of Chapter 20), provide an environment for programming JavaScript outside of the browser.

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